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Junior Plus Tap and Modern - School Years 3-6 (7 - 11yrs)

Thursday 5:50pm - 6:35pm

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Catshill Social Club, Bromsgrove,
Meadow Road,

Catshill, Bromsgrove,
B61 0JJ   view map

Venue Notes

An exciting and funky class that is rhythmic and beat-driven. Tap is a spirited form of dance that is characterised by wearing tap shoes to create different kinds of rhythmic beats with toes and heels. Children are introduced to Tap dance in an engaging and playful manner. They will learn how to tap in time with the music and keep steady, clear beat patterns with their feet. Tap is perfect for helping children with their coordination skills and developing their understanding of rhythm. Not only will they enjoy experimenting with creating beats and sounds using their feet, it will also help them to become a more disciplined performer. In conjunction with Tap, Modern Jazz (the dance style most commonly seen musical theatre productions) utilises rhythm and technique to evoke emotion and passion when performing to music. Pupils develop strength, flexibility and musicality by engaging with the travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns associated with this highly energetic style of dance. Pupils have lots of fun and grow in confidence as they get to express their individuality and personality through the music and routines. Official exams can also be taken in both Tap and Modern Jazz to award pupils’ achievements and progress.

There is a set uniform for this class to be purchased from the Academy.

Please note there is a £10 registration fee per child to enrol in the Academy which includes a starter pack with gifts for your child.


£18.50 per month

This class is covered by a regular payment every month.

Subscription: The Academy runs classes for 37 out of 52 weeks in the year (school term times). Your payment plan covers the cost of all term time classes and is spread equally over 12 months of the year to make payment for our classes more affordable for parents. Therefore fees are still payable during school holiday months where no classes are taking place, as you will have paid less than the value of your classes during other months. Payments are taken from your credit/debit card on the 1st of every month.

4 weeks notice is required should you wish to cancel your payment plan and leave the Academy. You are liable to have paid for any tuition fees owing, including the 4 week notice period before leaving and this will be charged via a covering charge where needed on your final months payment. If you have overpaid a refund will be processed.

*IMPORTANT* ** When booking a class the system will automatically apply the default subscription plan for one child taking one class. The Academy will then review your bookings and manually apply any discounts owing and place you on the correct subscription plan to cover the number of classes/children attending. You will be informed of the payment plan within two working days of booking.

Subscriptions are calculated on the following class prices (per child):
1 x class per week = £18.50 per month
2 x classes per week = £33.30 per month
3 x classes per week = £47.17 per month
Tip Tap Toe (Pre-school tap) = £6.17 per month
Family discounts are available where 3 or more children attend Academy classes.

For further information on subscriptions please see the Facts & Questions document on our website

All children also have to pay a one-off £10.00 Registration Fee

Thursday 5:50pm - 6:35pm

14 sessions Thu 12 Sep 19 Thu 19 Sep 19 Thu 26 Sep 19 Thu 03 Oct 19 Thu 10 Oct 19 Thu 17 Oct 19 Thu 24 Oct 19 Thu 07 Nov 19 Thu 14 Nov 19 Thu 21 Nov 19 Thu 28 Nov 19 Thu 05 Dec 19 Thu 12 Dec 19 Thu 19 Dec 19

If your child hasn't been before and you would like to take them along to try the class we offer a trial - it costs £4.00 for 1 session.

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